PT Garis Harmoni (GRIMONZ) was established in Surabaya based on notarial deed of Jati Ayu Kusumanagrini, SH., LM, and Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Number: AHU-848.AH.02.01 Year 2010 dated April 22, 2010. According to Article 3 of the articles of association company, business activity of the company is trading / merchandise services: container, car, special vehicle, compressor, generator, pump, electrical, pipe, asphalt, heavy equipment and its spare parts, shipping equipments, and heavy equipment rental services.

Currently PT Garis Harmoni also acts as a distributor of heavy equipment and spare parts Atlas Copco, Hyva Crane, and Jinwoo SMC. The Company is domiciled in Surabaya, located in Jemursari Selatan Selatan Region No.20, Jemur Wonosari, Wonocolo, Surabaya City, East Java 60237.

At 6 years of age PT Garis Harmoni performs various important breakthrough steps in improving product quality, one step is to test each component and products using load test in order to optimize material and best model of its product. This is entrusted to the technical testing of SolidWorks that already has international standards. With this new breakthrough is expected no more mistakes in the design process and at the time of manufacture so as to minimize the error rate of the product.

We are through one head office located in Surabaya and a business network in Jakarta ready to serve the needs of customers as a whole (One Stop Services) including 24 hours service.

We have qualified and qualified human resources and experts in their field. More than 100 human resources that we have spread to the area of ​​Jakarta, Surabaya, which is divided into areas Kutisari, Domas and Pakal. For the process of making components – components of the unit, and the needs of accessories installed on the unit in the process in the area Domas – Menganti Gresik. As for the assembly, installation and painting as well as product showroom located in the Pakal area of ​​Surabaya.

PT Harmoni line continues to do product development and innovation so it is expected to meet the needs of the wider community in accordance with the times. To ensure the business line of PT Harmoni line is ready with the support of spare parts availability and after sales service for all Indonesia.

Operational development of PT. The Harmonious Line is always guided by the vision and mission that helps the Company stay focused on achieving idealism by improving management, and positioning employees partly from the company to achieve the same goals, which will be a contribution to the company’s long-term success.
Vision and Mission is a strategic formulation of the company that will collect all the potential in the company to work seriously and focus and keep moving forward towards shared ideals.

Professionalism in ability and commitment

Developing a sustainable workforce solution
Trusted and reliable partner
Providing benefits and value to and all stakeholders
Establish network of cooperation to grow the business work of all fields in Indonesia

Garis Harmoni saat ini memiliki beberapa segmen kegiatan usaha yang sebagai berikut :

Special Vehicle manufacturing and construction

Manufacturing Ponton

Distributor Atlas Copco

Distributor Aerial Platform Jinwoo SMC

Distributor Hyva Crane