Hyva Lift systems are produced in state of the art production facilities, designed and supported
by a sophisticated engineering department to meet the specific requirements of our customers.


Hookloaders are available in a sliding (S) and an articulated arm (SK) version .

Hookloaders their capacity ranges from 3 ton up to 30 ton.

The skiploaders are available in 3 ranges.

The fixed arm, telescopic arm and the cranked arm version each have their special application area.
Skiploaders their capacity ranges from 4 ton up to 18 ton.

By using the most advanced CAD equipment available on the market today, tailormade solutions
as well as new product innovations are modeled directly in 3D.

Special software carries out stress computations by means of the Finite Element Method.

Hyva Lift differentiates itself by, amongst other things, by using advanced materials
and technologies for the production of hook and skiploaders.

A smart and durable design results in equipment with an extended life span.
Hyva Lift systems are unique in their flexibility and versatility.

  • By using high quality steel the Hyva Lift systems are truly payload winners.
  • A wide product range adapted specially for each application.